info booth

Hello, friend…

I was supposed to head out of town next week, to see a friend, but as we hadn’t been chatting much of late I decided to cancel my trip. I sent him a note recently to check in with how he was, and he told me he was seeing someone now. Now… doing the romantic math in my head, I deduced that was likely why we had stopped chatting. Soooo… may I ask why he encouraged me to stay with him as plans were being made? Shouldn’t he have told me there was a lady in his life now?

That would have been a good piece of info to have handy. BEFORE I booked my plane ticket.

I have had strange bits of information handed to me by guys over the years. Picture it, it was a summer’s night and my fella picked me up at the end of my workday… with my heart beating excitedly over our plans of dinner & a viewing of TRON (you read that right people, TRON. Don’t judge me.) He seemed excited to me. Seemed being the operative word here.  For moments later he said to me: “I can’t do dinner tonight. We need to break up. I owe it to my ex-girlfriend to give her another chance.”

Wait. WHAT?!?!

If ya didn’t want to watch TRON you could have just said so, buddy!

But really. If my head would have been able to pop off my body, spin around & emit copious clouds of smoke out of my ears it would have. I should have kicked him in the balls and told him that my return policy doesn’t work that way. But no, no he talked me into having a drink at The Rivoli. And then we walked ALL over Toronto. This jerk basically got the date we had planned (minus the cinematic classic that is TRON) AND sexy times later with whoever the hell this powerful ex girlfriend was. AUUGGHHH!!!

How long had she been in the picture? This would have been very helpful information to have earlier.

On the reverse end of things, I have felt like an Info Booth in some of my relationships. Guys who I’ve met who never wanted to get married or have kids, suddenly are married with kids upon saying goodbye to me. Men who don’t want to commit EVER are all over it as soon as we part ways. Fuck. I mean, I’m all over helping out the community but not like this! I’m not volunteering my services so you can figure your shit out.

At times I’ve wondered if my online dating profile should come with the tag line “Not sure what you’re looking for? Date me! I’ll help you figure it out.” (sigh) In the meantime, NO. You aren’t allowed to borrow my copy of TRON. 🙂



7 responses to “info booth

  1. “I’ll help you figure it out” that is funny! But, I think thats our purpose really all of us…we date people find what we like or hat..then choose to stay or leave…Luckily, you may not have missed out on much with these guys..which means you are much closer to your guy lbs


  2. New Tron or the original?


  3. All you can do is keep trying.


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