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some people just can’t handle awesome.

Hello, friend…

I’m feeling a lot better after the shit-show that blew into my love life last week. Still holding onto some anger like I’m continually tucking into a tub of mint chocolate ice cream (my favourite), fully aware there’s a garlic bulb in the middle. (mental note… NEVER, EVER eat that. that sounds fucking disgusting.)

BUT! Yesterday, a co-worker gave it to me simply, she said “this stuff happens to the best of us- some people just can’t handle awesome”.



I could continue to stew on how this “Twat Waffle” (my beautiful, funny friend Monica gets credit for that one) hurt my feelings, but I’ve got a stand-up set tomorrow night that I need to plan for. I get to go tell jokes, and that is the coolest thing ever. I LOVE that I get a chance to make people laugh! I can use the crap I’ve been through to release my own stress and make people giggle. It’s such a privilege that I get to do this.

So, friend… as Valentine’s Day approaches, keep this in mind if you’re recently single or your road to love has a few more potholes than you’d like it to:

You, my dear ARE awesome.






be my valentine ?

Well. For the first time in what seems like forever… it’s Valentine’s Day and all I want to sing out is:

Ladies & gents… there is a fella. I have a ridiculous crush on this one. For some reason a small part of me doesn’t know if it’s deserved. Or that he will realize tomorrow “Oh gosh, I’m sorry, I actually meant the girl over there. My apologies. As you were.”

So! Approaching happiness with caution… yet… I kinda want to go all in!! UGH! It’s a nice conundrum to be in, though. A lot better than “do I use the money i just got to pay this credit card bill or that credit card bill.” 😉

Oh screw it… I’m just gonna enjoy where this goes. Just gonna enjoy the moment.

Stay tuuuuuuned…. xo.

this is a thing..?

“Keep your romance running hot”

“Set the mood.”

…. with pajamas?!?!


Wow. Just… wow.


shameless self promotion!

If you’re in the Toronto area, or will be next week, please come see me and some amazingly talented ladies in the Teh Internets Quiz Show: Valentine’s edition!!