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online dating is fun!

Hello, friend…

Not gonna lie, this GIF is a pretty accurate description of my feelings towards online dating these days:



Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….. (clunk)

Oh. I’ll be fine. 🙂



headknocks & broomsticks

Hello, friend…

These past couple of weeks have been an interesting one. I knocked my head at work (I’ve taken a part time job at bakery and it’s fabulous… though I may need to start telling myself I’m allergic to tahini in order to stop myself from inhaling every single tahini cookie crumb I spot ). ANYWAY. I bumped my head and as a result was put on bed rest for 5 days. I wasn’t allowed to do much of anything but meditate.

Now, as someone who has had anxiety and panic attacks since the age of 10, keeping my mind calm is not something I’ve been very good at…BUT it’s something I’ve been working on.  And those 5 days proved to be something quite wonderful, minus the mild head trauma mind you. There is something so very healing when you just sit and listen to yourself, being still… though I question why I decided it was a good idea when I could look at a screen again that I re-join Tinder but anyhoo…. Why not re-join Tinder, Kelly?! Online dating is such fun! It’s like playing “will it float”* with your love life!

(*Oh, I miss David Letterman.)

And Tinder has already proved to be a plethora of fun Q&A’s, like “what are your three favourite body parts on a man?” So, thanks mild concussion! Super fun times on Tinder lay ahead I’m sure.

But as much as it hurt, perhaps there was something necessary that happened there. As my friend/massage therapist/healer/awesome lady told me, perhaps it was my body trying to get me to focus on myself.

Perhaps I haven’t been doing a very good job of that lately.

Perhaps it was my body’s way of telling me “there’s a lot of material in online dating, Kelly- you should get back on Tinder.” :/

Ugghh… fiiiiine.


casting call

Hello, friend…

It’s late and I’ve worked a lot today, but before I hit the road to dreamland … Death Cab for Cutie is playing on TV and I’m just enjoying that and a moment of peace. I have been chatting with a bit with a fellow online, and today phone numbers were exchanged which seems like a decent bit of progress. Or it seemed like it. Because his first question was regarding what colour my underwear was. I don’t mean to be a jerk, but what the hell is wrong with just “shooting the shit” and being all “it’s great we exchanged numbers”. Starting small! Nope, it went from my exclaiming my joy Canada had won Gold in Swimming to “so are you more of a colourful person underneath or just black?” (slams head on desk- repeatedly)

I recently started thinking more about who I let into my life, and what impressions have been left on me. What I can let go of, what I should let go of. These guys are gone from my life but, the impression is left in a shirt I wore (we kissed that night!) or a ticket to a show that I still have in my desk drawer as a memento. You get the idea. I’ve gone through things a bit blindly, if I’m being frank and I think… I think I need to contemplate why I’ve gone for the guys I’ve gone for. Especially the less than savory ones.

There’s been a few of those. :/

In a lot of areas of my life I’m cautious, what work I take on… but dating, it’s been this open casting call. The Door is open, guys… come on in! Maybe I need to be more selective, just a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I have been lucky to have some INCREDIBLE men come into my life, there have been some absolute gems. And I want to go back to there.  I deserve good romantic things!

I have a quote on my fridge, from the late- great Mike Nichols, it might be paraphrasing what he actually said but nonetheless, on my fridge is the phrase “don’t cast assholes”. I looked at it a bit differently the other day… hmmm…. perhaps there is something there.



online dating photo tips!

Hello, friend…

Do you online date? I do… I always try and choose my photos wisely for my profile.

But, we could always use some help…. so here she be! 😉




how not to get a response!

Dear man who just sent me a note on the dating site I’m on to inform me that he does not like brunch,


Glad you took the time out of your day to tell me that brunch is for people who like stale food. I assume you have now checked off item numero one on your Asshole To Do List for today. (eye roll)



just the facts

Hello, friend…

Nothing much to report, except that I’ve agreed to go to brunch with a guy who keeps sending me updates on how many avocados he’s consumed. I should clarify that since we’ve agreed to brunch, I’m now getting a lot of avocado updates from him.

Now, nothing wrong with fun facts. I like facts! But…how many avocado facts are agreeable before your 1st date? Hmmm….  xo.

this is a thing..?

Hello, friend…

I’ve been hearing of late so many different dating apps, you can sign up to an app and match with someone who has a similar workout to yours. Because it’s just a bit gauche to approach someone at the gym and just talk to them, is not? 😉

There is a Disneyland inspired dating app! You can decide if you want a romantic pairing or, pick a friendly “park pal” so you don’t roam the park alone. Because we single folk need not be seen in the Magical Kingdom! Being single isn’t magical to everyone, afterall.

The MouseMingle App. Yes, this is a thing:


But wait! There’s more! Do you love bacon and are tired of dating people who don’t?

Ta Da….  Sizzl. I’m not sure if this is a joke, but it likely is not:


You know what I’d like to create? An App for single people who snore can meet other single people who snore… so they can experience the hell we non-snoring types go through. Someone make that happen, okay? Thankssomuch. Also, I’d love to have a dating App for people who share my love of Welcome Back, Kotter….  hmm… so many options…