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Hello, friend…

I am feeling the sting tonight of having met someone recently, but learning he has a lady after that feeling of “OOH! I like you!!” got settled into my belly rather nicely. In the words of one Charlie Brown, “good grief”. Once again, like Charlie, I’ve missed the football and landed on my back in pain. (The ego taking the brunt of the bruising.) But the GOOD part of it all is that I have made an awesome new friend and I truly mean that! I’m sad he’s not single, but I’m definitely glad we’ve met. He’s the coolest guy.

So! Here I am back to that game of trying to figure out which box is covering the baseball. (Occasionally, a drunk homeless guy is under one of the boxes but he tells me I’m pretty & that gives me enough pep in my step to keep looking.)

This weekend, as I sat in the waiting room of a tattoo shop in Toronto, across from me sat a guy and a girl who I thought were a couple given the body language but it soon became clear he was there to be a good friend and support her as she got tattoo number one. I was trying not to listen too closely to their conversation, but at one point she talked about her boyfriend and how “he challenged her”, but “in a good way, it’s good stress”. I wanted to ask her, “Do you really want that, though?” And I also thought of “SO WHY ISN’T HE HERE INSTEAD OF THAT GUY SITTING NEXT TO YOU WHO CLEARLY IS INTO YOU!?”

I’m guilty of it, not seeing something that was CLEARLY there, until it was too late. Or telling myself “it’s not SO bad with him” when really, I deserved better. My proverbial glasses weren’t on or, I was wearing those damn rose-coloured ones. (long sigh) ANYWAY. I hope that girl survived her first tattoo, and I keep hoping that one day I’ll finally kick that damn football.






late night baking party…

Hello, friend…

Every now and then, after a late night of working on whatever TV show I’m working on at the time… or the fact that your nephew is now in his mid 20’s suddenly makes you feel REALLY OLD… or just the need for a creative break I have something called “the late night baking party”. Named as such because it’s usually well, well, well into the evening when the baking sheets and ingredients are set out.

After all, I’m at an age where I know better than to consume sugar late at night and yet… I really don’t give a hoot.

So! Friends close by are called. RSVP’s are received.

And the late night baking party begins!!

Tonight’s creation… gluten free mint chocolate chip cookies.

I apologize in advance that the picture below is not scratch n’ sniff. But I’m sure some 16 year old is working on that as we speak.