one milk. LOTS of sugar.

Hello, friend…

Sometimes, I am misunderstood. Sometimes, I misunderstand something someone says to me. It happens! For as much as I try to be the best listener I can be, sometimes I fail.

Which brings me to this:

I thought this was a joke, I legit thought this was a joke. But! It is not. I can only assume the pitch meeting for this cafe went something like:

BOSS: We should do something for the customer while their coffees cool.
ASSISTANT: We could blow on it?
BOSS: Yes! We can blow on their coffees to cool them down.

And then once the cafe opened….


Look. I think this is  VERY strange concept for a cafe. You order your coffee, and then select your prostitute on an iPad. Now, I get it. Coffee is hot and can take a bit to cool. I usually have to take my lid off and let it sit. And I do something like have a croissant.

Never would I have thought, hmmm, it’d be kind cool if a guy was down there while this Americano came down to room temperature. Holy shit.

And it seems that this coffee is VERY expensive, too.

So… I guess the customer is getting blown twice. :/




Author: zemnickisgreen

Writer/ Collector/ Foodie/ Co-Producer of the documentary No Responders Left Behind (alongside Paradox Pictures) Likes: Housecleaning, Coffee Dislikes: Camping, Being without coffee Twitter: @AijaGreen Instagram: thelatvianfoodie

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