good things

Hello, friend…

This song just popped in my head out of nowhere… I completely forgot about it, but damn it makes me happy and I think we all need a bit of joy tonight. The world is a mess! But there’s lots of good still out there… I love doing a gratitude list to remind myself of the bright spots. Here’s mine for tonight:

  1. My nephew is en route! Eventually! He is just fashionably late. He’s coming soon… πŸ˜‰
  2. Late night phone chat with someone I care about this week, with a thunderstorm going on… that was good… and utterly unexpected πŸ™‚
  3. Coffee! Always coffee.
  4. I had a GREAT stand-up set last night!
  5. The documentary I am co-producing is rolling along! We have cards on a board and a story-line written out!!
  6. Lunch with my aunt this week
  7. Taught my aunt how to update her computer software by herself… WIN
  8. There is more champagne than food in my fridge right now
  9. A feeling James was with me on the subway this week… that was nice… xo
  10. The song above xoxoxox

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