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Hello, friend…

I’ve been working on my resume recently… as I try to re-focus my career goals… don’t get me wrong, writing & producing still is what makes my heart beat the fastest (adding a recently discovered love of stand-up comedy). But I’m no fool, I know I need an income to pay the bills as I pursue my true passion. Anyhow, I’m working away on that.

Been working on myself too of late, a few months ago I started back on a fitness routine and I’m not looking back, baby!! Good riddance to my “marshmallow-esque” physique! Granted, marshmallows are yummy and delicious but… I don’t really want to look like one. And I’m part of a great group, online, with our trainer based in Chicago. So I’m working on ME. I should have paid more attention to ME a long time ago, but for whatever the reason I did not. It’s likely that I didn’t deem myself worthy of the attention, no, not likely. It’s true. For all the L’Oreal “because you’re worth it” ads I’ve seen… I didn’t think it to be so.

But with my 38th birthday weeks away… that tune needed to change. I have a quote on my fridge from an article I read once in an O: Oprah magazine…. it reads “But now I know the things I know, And do the things I do; And if you do not like me so, To hell, my love, with you!” I put it on my fridge yeears ago. I was amused by it, knew I might need it someday… well. I think I’m there; I think as 40 approaches & I do the inventory check… I’m still amused by the quote but I’m also a tad bit “Preach sister, preach!!” 🙂

So. I’ve got the resume polished up. I’ve got the physical & mental wellness in check. VG… VG… ( I worked on a series where a co-worker used this in place of “very good”, I’m fond of it.) Anyway. As my dear friend M and I discussed over a dinner of dumplings the other night, what about a Boyfriend CV? A resume of past boyfriends, to show your levels of experience in both the pro’s and con’s of romance. What you have put up with! For me, that would include the following:

  • has experience with a boyfriend who didn’t move during sex (Good upper body workout for me, but…)
  • had boyfriend who asked me to drive him to his next date after our date (I declined)
  • has been look-out for boyfriend while he did a small-time drug deal (I wish this was a lie but… it is not a lie… also, this is a good time to note when your bf says “I need to run an errand after dinner, come with?” it’s a good idea to ask what said errand is and not just agree to go with)

Oh my lord that would be an embarrassing resume to cobble together. But… possibly something to have a good laugh to have over wine and more dumplings. Because for the great guys I have met in my life, holy f**k, have I met some “winners”.

Clearly, I’m at a point in my life where I’m cleaning house a bit. I value myself a helluva lot of more than I have! I’m feeling confident! I am quirky but awesome! (insert crowd cheering) So if you know of someone who’s hiring, give me a buzz. (stomach growls) Ok. I need lunch. I’m going to go get some lunch now.






Author: zemnickisgreen

Writer/ Collector/ Foodie/ Co-Producer of the documentary No Responders Left Behind (alongside Paradox Pictures) Likes: Housecleaning, Coffee Dislikes: Camping, Being without coffee Twitter: @AijaGreen Instagram: thelatvianfoodie

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