Hello friend…

Ugh. I have had a bit of “a day”. It started off well, got in a good workout, there was a coffee and good breakfast to follow that… but somehow once I left my apartment the wheels fell off. It’s as if what started off as a good day went down one road, and the rest of it went down another.

For example, my ear is still leaking. It has been for weeks. MY EAR IS LEAKING!! I am 37 & three quarter years old… I shouldn’t be leaking from ANY part of my body yet!! And so far no medical professional can explain to me what the fuck is wrong with my left ear. AAAUUUGHHHH. I have social activities planned for the weekend, how can I look sexy & cool when my ear is leaking?! “Oh, excuse me handsome… I need to go stick a tissue in my ear for a few.” Sure, amongst my plans are brunch with the Avocado Man (see previous post & yes, I’m going to meet him for brunch- for better or for worse) and this ear thing might work in a way that makes me look like I’m interested in Avocado Fact #456 but yet… yet…I’m really just wondering how serious this ear thing could be. And then somewhere today I got to thinking that it’s almost been a year since I last had sex. A YEAR! Good grief!!!! Sure, I’ve reduced my sugar in the past while but I didn’t mean that kind of sugar. UGGGGGGH. :/

And then… then I got booked to tech a show at the comedy club that ended up being cancelled due to a lack of an audience. Which made me feel bad for all involved, though there wasn’t a thing I could do.

ThursdayMonday, you my friend get a D.

Well, a C- as there was a very cute barista at the coffee shop I go to this afternoon. And he asked how I was. That was nice. At least there was that.





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