cool kids

Hello, friend…

It’s been a bit of a time of late. A couple friends of mine aren’t in the best of health, which has been hard on the heart…  and then I’m sure you’ve heard today that the Thin White Duke has passed away. Oh, David Bowie… how I admired you. How I was bemused by you. How I respected you so. The closest I ever came to seeing David Bowie in concert was at the AGO’s Bowie exhibit (that I saw more than once), there was a part of the exhibit where we sat in a large room and a Bowie concert was projected all around us. I am even more grateful now for that moment than I have ever been.

Bowie was cool. He sounds like he was incredibly kind, generous and fun, too.

He reminds me of my late friend, Elan… who departed this planet far too soon and whom I miss dearly every single day. Elan WAS cool. She owned cool. And she was ridiculous, generous and adored life. And like Bowie, Elan was a musician. She wrote the most ridiculous tunes, writing many songs inspired by stories of her friends… I was lucky enough to have a song written by her, in regards to a moment one really wouldn’t be too proud about.

The Starfish.

I had the misfortune of dating a guy who never moved during sex. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. He NEVER moved. It was a great upper body workout for me, but shit, it was exhausting!! And Elan, in her genius composed a song for me aptly called Starfish. Here is an excerpt:

Starfish/Making love to a starfish/Who just lies motionless in my bed/Hey Mr. Starfish/Do you think you could move a bit/Your lips and your fingertips/Would be exciting to me/No thanks, I think I’ll hang out under the sea/And wink at the coral waving to me

Okay, so David Bowie crafted a different sort of lyric… BUT… Elan wrote everything with such heart and passion. You couldn’t help but love it, as ridiculous as it was. She had a flair for the unique, she rocked all that she did. Elan was just so frickin’ cool. And just like Bowie, she made being different THE way to be. Just be you. Whatever that is.

I miss her so very very much. I have her songs and her poems to keep her voice alive, though. I am grateful for that. I have Bowie’s music and his movies to keep him present as well. Fuck, am I grateful for that. My new play pays homage to David Bowie, actually… I just started working on a new draft. I hope he’ll pop in and guide me, and give his approval from afar.

But yeah. The world has lost another cool kid. (kicks over a can)





One response to “cool kids

  1. Yea no deadfish in bed! Total deal-breaker!


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