wheel of romance

Hello friend,

Well. I’ve had a couple of dates recently and while I felt good initially, everything of late has resulted in the following chat via text (so classy!) the next day:

Person X- “I’m just not feeling this.”
Me- “Oh?’
Person X- “Yeah. But I’m up for just FWB.”

I’ve had three dates in a row where I could insert this conversation the morning after. What the hell?! Why all this jumping to conclusions, why not let see where things go? (sigh) Oh, I guess the Pro here is that our time wasn’t wasted and they’re being up front. Yeah. I hear that. And in a way, yes, I’m flattered these guys want to get in my pants. BUT!


I’m not at all sure how I’m supposed to be anymore on a date. Am I to be myself? Not myself? Hire a Stand-In to go on the date for me? Am I to be Nonchalant? Chalant? Inquisitive? Bored? AAUUUGGGHHHH…. I’m thiiiiiiis close to making a wheel that I’m going to put in all these different suggestions on how to be on a given date night. Date will be planned, I’ll get dolled up and before I head out the door we’ll SPIN. THE. DATING. WHEEEEEEEL….. (spinning sound effects) Oh! Tonight we’ve got “Wacky”! Great. Wacky it is.

OK! Gonna go make a wheel… xo.


One response to “wheel of romance

  1. FWB are so popular now. I’m personally not a fan.


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