this is a thing..?

Hello, friend…

I’ve been hearing of late so many different dating apps, you can sign up to an app and match with someone who has a similar workout to yours. Because it’s just a bit gauche to approach someone at the gym and just talk to them, is not? 😉

There is a Disneyland inspired dating app! You can decide if you want a romantic pairing or, pick a friendly “park pal” so you don’t roam the park alone. Because we single folk need not be seen in the Magical Kingdom! Being single isn’t magical to everyone, afterall.

The MouseMingle App. Yes, this is a thing:

But wait! There’s more! Do you love bacon and are tired of dating people who don’t?

Ta Da….  Sizzl. I’m not sure if this is a joke, but it likely is not:

You know what I’d like to create? An App for single people who snore can meet other single people who snore… so they can experience the hell we non-snoring types go through. Someone make that happen, okay? Thankssomuch. Also, I’d love to have a dating App for people who share my love of Welcome Back, Kotter….  hmm… so many options…




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