Hello, friend…

Le sigh. I’m in a grumpy mood. Was having a rather pleasant chat with a fellow I had met online, when I decided to rave about my new pants. They’re great pants!! (And they were free, thanks to my costume designer bestie… so free pants!) So, he asks to see a photo. I take just a regular photo, nothing too saucy, and hit send.

And… that was 6 hours ago.

I have not heard from him since.

Either, he was REALLY impressed by my pants or… he was really NOT impressed. Maybe I over-hyped the pants. Nevertheless, I just feel bummed out. And I know, it’s a stupid reason to be down but damnit… I’m bummed out.

Although… It’s an interesting book-end to how my day started.

Not even 8am, there was a message from a guy who I recently matched with. We hadn’t said more than Hello, when he asked if I’d be up for a drink tonight. Sadly, I’m on a booze detox this month so I suggested coffee instead. Seemed logical, right? So what does he reply with at 7:56am? ” Why don’t we just meet up and fool around instead.” DUDE! It’s not even 8am! I’m not going to agree to a booty-call  before coffee has been consumed… or before my brows have been tweezed… JEEEBSUS, I don’t even know your name!!!! I’m sorry, I can’t agree to put “sex with man to be named later” into my Google calendar. I just can’t. I’m not that kind of lady.

So, here I am, at home, a cool gal with a sweet new pair of pants…. and… yeah. (bangs head on desk)




2 responses to “frustrated!

  1. Does that really happen? I got married just as the whole online dating was really starting to take off – so I never had to worry. I wonder on these stories if people are embellishing or if they are truly that bold or crazy.


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