Hello, friend…

As we took time on Nov. 11th to remember our veterans and give gratitude to those who fought & are fighting, I couldn’t help but wonder about a relative I never knew. True, I did not get to meet my great-grandfathers who fought in WWI and I gave them a great deal of thought… I did. But my grandmother, Lillian (“nanny”) was one of seven or eight children and one of her siblings was a sister, named Alice.

It was only recently I learned that Alice, during WWII, fell in love with a soldier. Nothing too crazy there, I’m sure this happened many many times during the wars. But this man in particular was German. And Alice was British. And falling in love during the second world war, when one was British and the other German likely wasn’t going to fly particularly well at the family dinner table. And with her family (my relatives) it didn’t. At all. From what I know, Alice was pretty much kicked to the proverbial curb because she fell for who she fell for.

I completely understand the family’s reservations about her new beau, but I also understand why she followed her heart. I do it a lot, many times to a dead end but… 😉

If I could crawl into my time machine and have a tea with her, I would. I’d love to know if the relationship lasted, if fences were ever mended, if she had any regrets. If she was really, truly happy.

So! I’m going to try and learn more about Alice… and if I learn she’s still alive (most of nanny’s siblings have passed, but thankfully, two remain that I know of)… if I learn Alice is still here, or if she ever had children, I’d love to extend a hand if I could. I’m so very anxious to know her story.



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