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I’m pretty positive I’m not the only one here in Canada who has PVR’d The Walking Dead tonight to listen or watch the Jays baseball game… so. No WD spoilers, please and thank you. I will watch it come the morning when I am less afraid of zombies and such. You see, unlike some of my fellow Canucks I did not celebrate Thanksgiving today with my family… we will gather for a feast tomorrow… but! I did have a date.

There is an aspect to dating that can feel like going on a job interview of sorts… and as I get back into the dating world, I was feeling nervous this afternoon and hoping there wasn’t a stain on my shirt that I missed. But, I met this guy knowing that I have seen (almost) it all… I have dated all kinds… I have experience!… record scratch, internal monologue kicks in… “okay, now you’re sounding like you’ve “been around”, Kelly. Just smile and be yourself. This man does not need to know what your number is.” But.. it was lovely. It had everything a good 1st date in Autumn could ask for: lovely weather, delicious coffee, good conversation and… a visit to a chocolate shop. All it was missing really was a peppy musical score and my running into a cute puppy dog as I walked through the park on my way to the subway station.

So, I am grateful for that. And I give thanks that this fellow did not stand me up or “casually mention” during the date that he was married. (These are both things that have happened.)

As I think about things that I am grateful for this Thanksgiving, for the most part I am grateful that so much in recent years has not gone anything as I had planned. It’s not that I’m not meeting my goals, but in certain parts of my life I feel like I keep racking up the proverbial “good job” ribbons. I’m falling short of knowing where I could be. Which is when my internal Amy Poehler kicks in and I hear ” stopcomplainingstopcomplainingstopcomplaining”. Because the truth is, I’m now a published writer (got a story in a major newspaper!). I have a new play in the works. I am employed. I passed my latest eye exam with flying colours. I have MET Amy Poehler!! And I have new goals… big ones… which I will work like hell to achieve as we head into a new year.

When I was a lot younger the Barenaked Ladies ‘Gordon’ album came out, and a song called What a Good Boy was on that LP. I didn’t feel like I fit in in school and that song was like a hug. The lyric “…But it won’t take much for me to show them my life ain’t over yet.”  was my internal battle cry. Though I am much older, that song still goes through my brain on occasion. However, I like that I feel a bit out of place sometimes. After all, I know I’m capable of anything and know that I’ll be fine if it shouldn’t work out. Because more often than not it won’t! BUT…if you had told me this time last year that I’d soon be making regular appearances on TMZ Live, for example, I’d have laughed and told you to shut up.

Anyhooo, the best thing of all is that I have my parents and family close by to celebrate Thanksgiving with tomorrow. I am MOST grateful for that. Not all of my family will be there, thanks to tricky things like “geography”, but I am happy nonetheless. We will joke of how my “imaginary boyfriend” is pretty quiet at the dinner table and isn’t eating all that much. There will be food, there will be family and I know that moments like these are worth their weight in gold. Then I will head home with a belly full of turkey and veg to a peppy musical score, and hopefully a cute puppy dog on my way home.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.



Author: zemnickisgreen

Writer/ Collector/ Foodie/ Co-Producer of the documentary No Responders Left Behind (alongside Paradox Pictures) Likes: Housecleaning, Coffee Dislikes: Camping, Being without coffee Twitter: @AijaGreen Instagram: thelatvianfoodie

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