Mr. Waffle

Hello, friend…

As I sit here and watch my friend Greg’s show on Food Ntwrk (it’s called Chef in Your Ear, he hosts!), I’m trying to distract myself from my lack luster online dating correspondence at the mo’. There are unanswered text threads, which are just sad after a period of time, really. It’s like I’m having a conversation with myself.

But then I have conversations like this one:

me: Yes! I’m available to meet tomorrow.
guy: Okay, but just so you know I may have to cancel on you last minute.

(after canceling)

me: Well, hopefully we will meet one day soon.
guy: Yes! I just don’t know when that day will be.

Well gee thanks, Mr. Waffle! Glad to know you may or may not ever want to meet me.

Look, I like waffles. Well. Actual waffles… that you put syrup and butter and fruits on. I’m not such a big fan of people who waffle on decisions, those who sit on the proverbial romantic fence. What happened to “Yes! Let’s gather for a drink and meet!” … where did those notes go?? Do people still send those notes? Could this person (or persons) send me one just for shits and giggles?! Just so I can pretend for a second that a guy ACTUALLY wants to meet and get to know me? Even if it doesn’t go anywhere, just pick a decision and run with it.



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