throwin’ back…

There are a few things I love about the photo below:

  • Those shorts!
  • I had bangs!! I had bangs for a long, long time and then I developed this ridiculous cow-lick thus prohibiting me for having bangs ever again.
  • The look on my face. I was rocking a Blue Jays t-shirt, those shorts, I had great hair (still do- thankyouverymuch) and I just look kinda pissed.

On the whole though? For as much as my life has changed since this photo was taken in my grandparent’s backyard in Montreal way back in the 80s… not that much has changed! I’m still about the same height.

The girl in this picture would be proud to know I am slowly being seen in public wearing shorts once again (this was not something I did for YEARS once I developed a serious beef with my thighs & hips), she would be happy to learn that my hair is pretty much the same as this photo (minus the bangs) and likely would think the sprinkling of grey that has appeared is kinda cool. And I think she would be really frickin’ proud that I’m still a Jays fan. That being said… I think she’d want me to have a bit more “swagger” than I presently do. I don’t think that’s the right word, but you get the idea. It’s coming back though!! Wherever that switch is that goes from just being a kid and being yourself, to being an adult and hyper-aware of everything you do…. I will find it and flip it back.

Though I won’t be wearing those shorts ever again. Sorry, kid. 😉




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