fondue for your thoughts…

Hello, friend…

You know what isn’t the best idea? Fondue for one, you might suggest? Well, yes… it’s rather depressing to make a fondue pot for one. Swimming in a pool as a NASTY storm approaches? Totally not a good idea, yet… something I witnessed today. (They finally got out of the pool. Thank god.)  No, what I’m thinking is more along the lines of discovering Facebook notes from an old flame you THOUGHT you deleted are actually still there and so you spent about half an hour reading through them.

Not the smartest decision I made today.


Though at least I didn’t have a large, personal pot of melted cheese to drop my sorrows into ’cause then I’d feel bad and bloated. I dunno… it was kind of like going through old home movies, reading those notes again. And I’m sad, but I like that they’re still there… making a relationship I miss so very much real again for a minute. It was comforting in a way, remembering moments and closing my eyes and pretending. I’m starting to forget what his voice sounds like, but it’s not gone completely. I still remember his laugh. It will take years to forget that snoring…. OH MY LORD… he snored.

Man, the wind is absolutely howling tonight. Rain, thunder… the works. Mother Nature is ANGRY tonight!! As, I can only imagine, I would have been consuming one pot of cheese for myself. (I keep mentioning this, as part of my brain is wondering if this might be a good idea.) But maybe Mother Nature is trying to help clean the slate for me! Nudging me to keep moving, trying to start fresh. Which, I’m old enough to know, isn’t always easy.

Obvious, yes. Easy, no.

Sure, there’s a bit of a mess to clean up after a storm but you can find things that might be worth holding onto. Something to help you keep going, or to learn from… or not. I’m not sure where I’m trying to go with this tonight. I kind of just want a snack right now.

Anyway, on the plus side I seem to have forgotten the new season of Bachelor in Paradise started tonight. So that’s a positive. A few brain cells are saved!!



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