Hello, friend…

Deal breakers. I don’t have many romantic deal breakers, given my “colourful” dating resume (and to the disappoint of my family) it’s hard to find anything I won’t not put up with. But guys who are married or with someone are on there, convicts, guys who don’t like food… anyway.

An addition is required. Guys who look like guys I’m related to.

Now, I’m related to some handsome lads. We come from a good stock! But, I had a blind date once with a guy who looked like one of my brothers. That was really weird. Maybe I should have pulled the “I think I need to check on my laundry” gag with that date. I got so freaked out by it, I kept talking about other guys I knew and I KNEW this wasn’t cool chatter for someone I had just met… but it prevented me from yelling at this poor guy ” I need to leave NOW! You look like my brother, so this will never work!” (And then maybe tossing a drink in someone’s face afterwards, just for the hell of it.) So I just kept talking, and sounding like an idiot, and then I left. Much to both our relief. And I’ve never seen him again!

So! Guys who ask me out who look like guys I’m related to… I’m sorry. I’m busy. I have a lot of laundry to do.



Author: zemnickisgreen

Writer/ Collector/ Foodie/ Co-Producer of the documentary No Responders Left Behind (alongside Paradox Pictures) Likes: Housecleaning, Coffee Dislikes: Camping, Being without coffee Twitter: @AijaGreen Instagram: thelatvianfoodie

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