everything bagel

Hello, friend…

It’s very late and I’ve just had a lox & cream cheese bagel. Likely not the best decision to make, but after some good times dancing and a shot of bourbon… this lady needed salmon and capers and bagel goodness. I’m going to the gym in the morning…. well, maybe I should just go now. It’s almost 1am… why not hit the elliptical now?

But we all make bad choices now and then. Despite how delicious it was, I probably didn’t need to eat what I just ate. I would also suggest that the “doctor” who just messaged me on the dating site I’m with… I’d suggest to him that it may not have been in the best taste to send “Id so do you” as his first message to me. There’s all sorts of folk online, I know… and maybe this line works on some ladies. Hmm… I’m curious to know what his success/failure ratio is…

Speaking of “Id”, I’m also curious to know when proper grammar fell out of fashion. Is “Hey there evening” mean to acknowledge the fact that it’s nighttime, is this other guy who wrote me saying hey to the nighttime? Or when did “heyy” gain a second Y?

So many questions.

I’ll think about it at the gym…



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