balancing act (pt.2)

“Excuse me… are you a lawyer?”

Friend… this was not asked of me today, but rather of the pretty blonde lady sitting across from me on the subway tonight. An older Italian man approached her… she was dressed nicely, typing away on her phone and out of nowhere he asked her if she was a lawyer. He claimed he was in desperate need of one. Well dude, if your plan to find a lawyer is playing a version of duck-duck-goose on the TTC… good. fucking. luck. Though I will confess I was kind of irked he didn’t ask me if I was a lawyer. I don’t look like a lawyer, huh? Jerk! 😉

(The woman, by the way, was a teacher.)

Pick up lines are tricky beasts, though. Now, I’m taking the opinion that he actually didn’t need a lawyer but wanted someone to um, “check his legal briefs” if you catch my drift. I’ll give him points for originality… and if he does actually need legal advice I’m hoping he will soon make friends with a phone book or a com-pu-tor. I think the worst pick up line I ever uttered was after meeting a cute fella, and then hearing someone say “Congrats on the engagement!” in his general vicinity… I actually said “Oh! Congrats on the nuptials!! (pause) Um… if you’re not the one who just got engaged though, do you want to go out for a coffee sometime?”

(I mean, jeeeebus woman!! I should have smacked myself upside the head. As it turned out… he wasn’t the one on the receiving end of the congrats, and agreed to go for a coffee. But it never happened.)

Communication is key in a relationship, and how you start says so much… I’m good with a “hey, how are you?” as a no-muss-no-fuss starter. Some may prefer the “are you a lawyer?” angle. To follow up with yesterday’s tale, the fella and I talked more today… it was needed. It was necessary. As I head closer to my, gulp!, 40th year I’d rather allow someone to speak their peace than shut them down instantly. I don’t have to agree with all that is said, but I’ll listen. Could there actually be something special with this guy? I think so, but I don’t know. Right now, I feel like we’re in the same book, but at different chapters. So space will be granted… and I may take out other library books, we will see. But the point is, if the dominoes fall as they should… you have to keep the communication going. It can’t stop. If it does… game over. I mean sure, men and women lose their hearing differently (the guys lose the high frequency first, while the ladies lose the lower frequency) thus explaining why my parents shout “what was that?” as often as they say hello… but until that happens, those chat lines have to remain open. You can’t just assume. After all, not everyone is a lawyer. 😉



One response to “balancing act (pt.2)

  1. I think most of the time, people just smile and say Hi? Or perhaps bump into accidentally on purpose so you can say excuse me and talk about your clumsiness and leave conversation open to flow nicely? (Of course, depending on how hard you bump into them.)

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