a memo to my smartphone…

Hello, friend…

It’s a rainy Monday here in Toronto, and I am slowly being engulfed by boxes as I prepare to move next week. While I am not adverse to change, I must confess that I HATE moving. I haaaaaaaaaaaate it. I’d go hide in my newly emptied closet, eat cookie dough and cry while the movers did their work if it didn’t seem a tad immature for a grown woman to do that.

You know what I’m also NOT a fan of right now? The Google Play store. Specifically, the notification that one of their “Contractions” apps was recently used by MY EX BOYFRIEND. Specifically, my ex-boyfriend who told me over & over as we dated for two years that he never wanted to have children. And then became a father months after we broke up.

Karma- 1, My Ex- 0.

I’m pretty okay with not having children, too ( I will be fine if being a mom doesn’t end up being a role I play). In fact, I’m not entirely sure that I can have my own children based on conversations with my doctor and ultra-sounds had in past years. BUT! I realize the Google Play store doesn’t know this. I realize it’s not smart enough to know that much about me… yet. And yet… after I cleared my phone of all info on this man in question, erased all memory of his being there, BAM! I am notified that M. has recently used this pregnancy app.

Well, fan-fucking-tastic.

So! If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sit in that empty closet I mentioned earlier and eat cookie dough.

Because I can.

Because I’m a grown woman, damnit!



One response to “a memo to my smartphone…

  1. I love cookie dough… I’ll eat some too in honor of the asshole. (I’m sorry- that sucks.)



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