taking the day off…

Hello, friend…

I can’t believe I’m about to blog about this but… (deep breath)…By now, I’m sure we all know that Zayn left One Direction.

I’m not a fan of One Direction, I know nothing about them. Although, that ‘Story of My Life’ song is rather good… but! That’s about it. I know Zayn quit his job. Now. I can get in my time machine and return to when my heart BROKE upon seeing Donnie Wahlberg’s mug shot in the Toronto Star when he got up to some fire-induced shenanigans back in the earl(ier) NKOTB days. I remember calling my friend Misty and we CRIED, we cried as if WE were going to jail. Donnie was my imaginary boyfriend and he was in major trouble and my teenage heart hurt. Loving a boy band is a powerful thing, I totally get it. It’s intoxicating. You attach to one member and zone in… he’s yours. You have your eyes on the prize… but I digress.

Although! I blame Donnie for the fact that when I started dating I went for the “bad boy” every time.

But I never would have done this when Donnie got into trouble or when I heard a rumor Jon Knight  was dating pop-star Tiffany…


PEOPLE ARE DEMANDING “COMPASSIONATE LEAVE” to get over this guy’s decision to do something else with his life?! According to this article, over 200 calls were made asking a reason to leave that is usually left to when a RELATIVE DIES!!

WTF, England?! Don’t you remember that whole “stiff upper lip” business?? Would Churchill have given you compassionate leave for this?! NO. No he wouldn’t. And as I read this article, apparently something similar happened when Robbie Williams left Take That. (slams head onto desk) Oh. My. God. Fuuuuuuck.

Zayn will be okay. We’ll all be okay. We will meet new people. There was a guy on my subway the other day just killing it with a Rubik’s Cube! Awesome!! Anyhoo. Let’s just keep calm… and… well… go back to work. Please. Just carry on.



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