be my valentine ?

Well. For the first time in what seems like forever… it’s Valentine’s Day and all I want to sing out is:

Ladies & gents… there is a fella. I have a ridiculous crush on this one. For some reason a small part of me doesn’t know if it’s deserved. Or that he will realize tomorrow “Oh gosh, I’m sorry, I actually meant the girl over there. My apologies. As you were.”

So! Approaching happiness with caution… yet… I kinda want to go all in!! UGH! It’s a nice conundrum to be in, though. A lot better than “do I use the money i just got to pay this credit card bill or that credit card bill.” 😉

Oh screw it… I’m just gonna enjoy where this goes. Just gonna enjoy the moment.

Stay tuuuuuuned…. xo.


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