two drink maxmium

Hello, friend…

As someone whose background is a mix of Latvian, British & French Protestant there is something that is expected of me once people learn of my heritage… that I will drink friends and strangers under the table.

And while, yes, I did consume a rather absurd amount of booze at my brother’s wedding… I have to come clean about something. As I get closer to the 40th year of my life… I… I just can’t drink like I used to. And as someone who has been online dating for a bit and occasionally meeting a fellow for an introductory drink, it’s a bit embarrassing that after two beverages I’m done. Especially if they are a few years younger and game to order round number four or do shots before the beer arrives. It’s not for the fact that I’m drunk. (It’s more “tipsy”.) Well, sometimes I’m drunk but… I really, I stop my drinks after two because…

– I’m bloated
– I’m doing the mental math on how many empty calories I just consumed
– I’m no longer a fan of having a hangover, I’m just not… I returned my membership to that club a while ago

Aaaauuuggghhhhh!!!! Why am I such a disgrace to my people??!!?? And when did these concerns come into my head while out at a bar? And why the hell does beer make me bloat so badly??

It’s really hard to be sexy when you’re bloated after a beer. A BEER. (Don’t even get me started when I have sushi AND a beer… it really looks like I’m about to give birth to a small village.)

I don’t know. It’s all just depressing how my body doesn’t do some things like it used to… like “single girl reading the NY Times Wedding Announcement section while nursing a bad cold” depressing. BUT! On the positive end. I am in the best shape I’ve been in in a WHILE. So.. there’s that. Right? 😉



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