loud talkers

Hello, friend…

It’s late and for one reason or another I can’t get to sleep. Which annoys me. You know what else annoys me? People who stand on street corners with megaphones. People in general who think that if they talk the loudest in a conversation makes them the obvious winner of said conversation annoy me too. Louder doesn’t equal being right.

So. Earlier tonight I was running out, and almost running late, to meet with my friend Paul to see a production of The Seagull. (Having gone to an arts high school, yes kind of like that TV show ‘Fame’, Chekhov remains a strong memory from my teenage days.) And as I was dashing to the subway, as classy as I could in my snowboots, I asked myself “who’s talking so loudly?” Looking across the street, in front of the subway entrance was a dude with a megaphone. And as most people who are on a megaphone tend to be, he was in an argument with a guy about to cross the street.

As I’m getting closer to these two, much to my surprise, the guy yelling at megaphone man was yelling “but homosexuality is NOT a sin”. And megaphone man was yelling back “yes, it is a sin and here’s why Jesus says it’s a sin…” I had two choices, stop and yell at this megaphoned idiot too or get on the subway and meet my friend on time. Here’s something about me. I hate confrontation. I get clammy, I lose my voice, I shake. And then I fly into a quick fit of rage. I simply do not argue well. SO, I try to avoid confrontation at all costs and in this case I chose to avoid. But in a matter of seconds, this man shouting above everyone made my blood boil. Here is this guy, sporting a large “Jesus hates sin” sign I should add, telling anyone who would listen (at the time it was just one person) that loving someone who has the same parts as you do is sin.

As I got on my train, shaking slightly, all I could think was “Really now. Isn’t the point of all of this, why we’re all here, is to do good in the world and be kind and loving? To care for someone? To simply do good and be good, leaving a positive impression on things when we depart? Isn’t that kind of the just of it?” So how, Megaphone Man, how is being that with someone of the same gender is a sin? I’m kind of failing to see the perspective here.

One of my brothers is gay. He is an upstanding citizen. He is classy and funny and has a huge heart. And while I once questioned his reasoning of installing a heated toilet seat in his home in MIAMI (dude, you live in Florida… it’s -40c with the windchill here… if one of us needs a heated toilet seat it’s me)… while I once questioned that design choice, I love him to bits. I love that he once said to me while I visited him (& his then partner) in Florida “Guess what we brought you tonight? A straight guy!” The fact that people think because my brother is who he is makes him a “sinner”, well it makes me want to punch them in the face. Which I know, it serves no purpose but… come on.

What on earth is so wrong about being yourself and being in love and being HAPPY?!

I should have taken Megaphone Man  for a coffee and sat him down to discuss my dating history. As a straight woman, I have come across enough oddballs and jackasses in my romantic life to likely qualify for my own Jeopardy! category. You want sinners, pal? Oh my jeebsus, how much time do you have? I have allowed myself to put up with way too much bullshit in the quest for finding my Prince Charming. And I’m pretty certain the man upstairs or whomever is there might take more of an issue with my sexual history (or, as I’d rather refer to it, “research”) than the fact that my brother just asked another guy out for a coffee.

Megaphone Man, with all due respect… he who talks the loudest is not always right. Y’all are just way more annoying.



Author: zemnickisgreen

Writer/ Collector/ Foodie/ Co-Producer of the documentary No Responders Left Behind (alongside Paradox Pictures) Likes: Housecleaning, Coffee Dislikes: Camping, Being without coffee Twitter: @AijaGreen Instagram: thelatvianfoodie

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