…say cheese!

Hello, friend…

It’s really cold here. I think today it was -25 degrees Celsius. Which, comparatively speaking isn’t as cold as some other parts of Canada… but as whoever it was said that a person’s problems are still important no matter what the size (I think that’s how it goes)… basically what I’m getting at here is I’m cold.

And yes, there are pro’s and con’s to everything.

So, while I think of the pro’s… let me say that I’ve had to bundle up in multiple layers to take out the trash and grocery shop today. Up and down the stairs of my building I went (my fear of elevators doesn’t allow me to take them very often). In a ski jacket and boots.

Let me just say I have sweated today in places I didn’t think produced sweat.

Which is kind of gross. Speaking of which… I recently joined a new online dating service. Now, I’m someone who will chat up anyone as I like to make conversation. And I’m quirky, and I think I’m reasonably attractive… but online, it’s a different beast. As someone who tends to write as if I’m having a conversation with someone (as I hope I do here), I’ve had my gal friends tell me that I need to tone my profile down and leave out tidbits like the fact that I can belch on cue to when I actually have a date. (I can, by the way! I think this is a “fun fact”!) Then of course… there is the picture. Yes, sometimes I have been guilty of judging the picture before I read the profile and hit delete, swipe left or yell “yeah, like hell you are 35!” to my computer screen…

But explain to me please why some men have assumed the following types of pictures would prompt me to want to learn more:

– their profile picture is that of a ham sandwich
– their wedding photo (really?! So… are you still married??)
– a stack of cash
– they are dressed as a clown in their profile picture (made that mistake once before. really.)
– their profile picture is that of the Hulk/dragon/stick figure drawing
– it’s a collage of them naked, in various poses (sometimes with a colourful photo frame)

I am also curious about motive of the guys who pose with kids with a caption underneath saying “these aren’t mine, I ain’t no baby daddy”. So, as someone who wouldn’t mind being a mom to an already birthed human, I’m just going to keep going past this guy… geez, It’s like dangling a carrot in front of someone! “Fooled you into thinking this is what I wanted too!” Aauugghh!

And really… a HAM SANDWICH?! I mean, I guess if it was a ham sandwich on a Croissant… maybe I’d say Hi…  maybe.

Oh! And before I go… the using a celebrity’s photo as your profile picture is a classy touch. Especially when all of your photos are of that celebrity. I mean… come on… I highly doubt Drake is needing this service to get the ladies… (sigh)

I’ll just keep searching, thankyouverymuch.

Hmm… maybe I’ll make a ham sandwich first.



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