saturday night activities….

Hello, friend…

So. It’s Saturday night. I’m just home from dinner with a friend and now have a hockey game on TV. I’m quite happy to have a quiet night home alone… when, oh! Wait! What is this that I see on my phone? Hmmm… it would seem that a gentleman caller from OK Cupid has a question for me!

Okay. Let’s see what he wants to know…

Wait, what?!

(my mouth has just fallen to the floor… please give me a minute while I pick it back up)

Okay. It would seem as if this fella is interested and eager for me to defecate on him.

Ah…. I….

Uh….. I….

Ya, ya know… when I mentioned in my profile that I’m up for something fun to do on a Saturday night… that, that oddly doesn’t fall into ANY category of interest for me!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeeeeeebsus. I’d consider myself to be a gal who’s up for a good time, but that… that… I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’ve never done a number one or two in any place other than my toilet! That’s just, that’s just like a good bar to set for oneself I’d think.

I’ve farted in front of a boyfriend before… But, that’s sort of where I’d like to leave things be. I’m good there. Leaving it there.




One response to “saturday night activities….

  1. What does it say that this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this fetish?


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