a single girl’s holiday letter

Dear family & friends,

Well, another year has almost come to an end and it’s hard to believe where the time has gone! It’s been a bumpy year, but one filled with adventures and surprises too.

That being said, no. I’m still not seeing anyone. Sorry to disappoint everyone. And yes, you heard right at the last family gathering that the last time I “got any” was well before Easter. I’m not exactly sure how this came up at the last family gathering, but I’m starting to think we may need to impliment a three drink maximum at said events. Sure, there have been some chance meetings with lovely fellows over the year… one kindly rushed me off to the dental emergency clinic when my tooth fell out on our coffee date… and there was the handsome TV personality who agreed we should go to dinner, but never called me back… but look at all the entertainment I’ve provided during our dinner table conversations! Oh, how we laughed…. You know what, though? You guys may want to hold off on the “but look at the material you have for your next play” comments the next time I tell you about the date I had with a guy who confessed he was married. I appreciate the comments from Cupid’s Peanut Gallery, but I really wouldn’t mind you asking if I was okay first!!

Despite the lack of a romance life… I’m quite happy to report new batteries for my vibrator have been purchased! So! Ignore any text messages I may have sent out lately asking for AA batteries, my phone has been acting up a bit and sending messages out long after I remember that I sent them.

But don’t worry about me, I have been up to A LOT over the year. I’ve been to New York City a couple of times, one trip down was for a writing seminar… I went to New Orleans for my 36th birthday and cried over how good the meal was at Emeril’s. My business gained new clients this year… pro…. I learned I have Carpal Tunnel… con.

I learned that I do not have Parkinson’s. But I do have Essential Tremor. (http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/essential-tremor/basics/definition/con-20034509). So did Katherine Hepburn, so I am now looking forward to developing a New England accent and an Oscar worthy acting career as I get older.

I can say that I was one of a handful of people to sit in Toronto’s gorgeous Elgin Theatre and listen to the master that is Bryan Adams play Summer of ’69 during his dress rehearsal for an upcoming TV special. And I had my 4th play open in Hamilton, ON this summer!

I paid off a credit card, damnit!

I bought myself a ring at Tiffany’s!

So, there you have it. I may not have brought a child into the world this year, I may not bring one into the world next year. But I’ll keep doing what I do… and looking forward to what’s to come.

Happy Christmas!



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