before sunrise…

Hello, friend…

Have you seen the movie Before Sunrise? I love the whole series (please, please, please watch them if you haven’t already)… and the past few weeks have gotten me thinking about those movies. Mainly the first one. The movie did a lot for me: cemented my love of train travel, cemented my desire to go to Vienna (which I will one day!!) and added water to an already blossoming romantic.

At the end of the movie, they go back to the places the couple had been the night before the sun rose and the camera allows us to put the pieces back on how that space looked only hours before. Going back to work at the CBC these past few weeks (where I spent MANY of my formative years) got me thinking in a similar manner… romantically speaking at least… how that spot near the elevator was where I first met “R” and how hours later he mooned me from that floor while my friends and I giggled from a floor above, across the atrium. “R” was an interesting guy… he was in and out of my life so often that my mom was convinced one day he’d grow tired of the random courtship and cave and marry me. Perhaps that where I warmed myself to on and off again dating, got into my head that I didn’t deserve a guy’s full attention. (stupid girl.) 

But all in all, we had a fantastic adventure, that all began over a glance from across an audience line-up. Right there. Where a cameraman is setting up so a CBC reporter can do a piece for tonight’s news. If he could just move out of the way, I’d be able to point out where “R” handed me his sandwich to guard as he took a group of people upstairs to the studio.

And as I wandered CBC, I saw those moments all over again. I got to time travel a bit. I saw where my future boyfriend “M”, who worked as a security guard there, asked me out on our 2nd date SIX MONTHS after our first date. I assumed he wasn’t interested. He apparently had things to figure out. I remember I wore a fuzzy black top and leather pants that night. I had recently had my tonsils out… evidently, having your tonsils out and reacting poorly to the surgery is quite a fantastic way to lose weight and fuck it… I was wearing those pants to work! And we had a wonderful romance, albeit brief and sometimes bumpy… he did have a VIP pass to a local strip club proudly displayed in his kitchen, after all. I have pictures of my family and postcards in mine.

Over in the corner there is where “R” and I kissed, and where he tracked me down to get my number… oh! that’s where “M” would stare at me with his beautiful blue eyes as I walked by…  gawwwd, we were so young then.

And though all three of us have changed immensely as the years have gone by, I love that I can walk by certain spaces there and see things no one else can. I know that those walls share in secrets and jokes that I’ll hold dear forever.



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