use what you’ve got…

Hello, friend…

Food is a big part of my life. I adore preparing meals, making sure people are fed & of course, indulging in good eats myself! And I’ve been interested in cooking (and baking) ever since I figured out you could eat raw cookie dough as your mom made you cookies. šŸ˜‰

I can remember happening upon a magazine in maybe grades six or sevenĀ that featured “pies for your 4th of July celebrations” as a kid and baking said pies for the various parties my friends would have. Yuppers! Off I’d go to my friend’s 12th birthday party with a home-made blueberry crumble. I think I was the only kid in Grade Six to ask what sort of crumble I should make for the party… hey, we all have our “things”. Mine was pies.

(I still have that recipe page, btw. Lovingly stained and worn from the countless crumbles I’d make as a child baking prodigy.)

I figured early on that if you liked a boy and he wasn’t all that interested at first… a home-made batch of chocolate chip cookies would change his mind. Or Brownies. Whatevs.

But what all of this is leading up to is an early cooking influence of mine, “The Urban Peasant”, Mr. James Barber. His cooking show aired on CBC in the afternoons, and when I’d come home from school I’d watch his program and bring out my notebook and make notes on the recipes. (Btw, I still have some of those notes I made.)

And as I was pursing the Internets today, I came upon an article written when he passed away in 2007. Which is ironic, as I was thinking of him yesterday.

He had great sayings as he cooked, so many great sayings, but what will stick with me forever is “Just use what you’ve got.”

It’s good life advice, really. Not just for when you make a Frittata.

Thank you, Mr. Barber.



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