no singles allowed!

Hello, friend…

I’ll be honest, I had a different subject matter in mind when I sat down to write tonight but then I re- read this:


This theme park is banning single people for fear that we’re all pedophiles?! Pedophiles?! WTF?!?!?!?

Look at the character posing in front of the park in the attached picture… I’d be more afraid of that mouse being around the kids than a single lady!

As a single person, I’ve dealt with A LOT of bizarre comments over the years (one day I will tell you of the time I bought my first home… by myself, thankyouverymuch). I remember at my high school prom, which I went to solo for reasons that aren’t all that exciting really (my date cancelled last minute)… I remember going to get a drink at the bar. And when I returned to my table, my friend “eloquently” said to me “You know, if you had a date he could have gotten that for you”. (sigh) I have two functioning legs and arms. It really wasn’t that big of a deal. Yet, to some people this is a big deal.

I do not mind dining alone or taking myself to a play or a movie. I really don’t. Yes, it’s always nice for there to be someone to chat with but it’s not an issue if it’s just me! That being said… it’s an issue to some people, i.e the people running the above mentioned theme park; but, that’s more for them to deal with than it is for me. Granted, yes, I do very much want to find love again but until that day comes… it’s all good!!!

Just because it’s just me doesn’t mean I should be hidden from sight, away from children who might ask “mom, why does that lady look so happy if she’s by herself?” To some people I might make no sense embracing my singlehood and venturing out into the world alone.

To quote a favourite line from the movie Baby Mama “Being single is an alternative lifestyle at 37″…. and I guess some people just don’t want to have that discussion with their kids yet. (shrugs)



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