Hello, friend…

My friend Paul and I got to talking tonight about how we were doing in the online dating world… neither of us had too much to report. For some reason I seem to be really popular with the gents in Buffalo, NY right now (& North Tonawanda- apologies if I’m spelling that incorrectly). I’m not sure why exactly.

But in our chatting, I got to telling him about the last time I had “the sex”… which was in March… and I’m not one to champion sleeping with someone on the first date, but it happened. Whatevs. It was a great date, actually! I felt fabulous! (Which was really, really needed at the time.) Yet… when we next spoke, and I sent him a Facebook friend request he denied the request. Because? Because he didn’t know me well enough. We slept together!! I know what he looks like naked! AUUUGHHHH!!!

I let it go, figuring it really didn’t matter all that much.Then he asks me if I’d want to have a threesome sometime! (eye roll) I politely told him no. That wasn’t going to be happening, no. So what does he say in response to that? “Well, I don’t think this going to work because I find sex between two people rather boring”.

Did you hear that sound? That was the sound of my ramming my own head into a wall.

Jeeeeeeesus. Well. We part ways via text as politely as we could and off I went.

A couple days later, I’m walking along St. Clair West and I walk by a guy who’s sporting a beard in training…. but he looks familiar. We smile at each other and though he keeps going, I stopped. That was the guy who wouldn’t friend me on Facebook but wanted a threesome!! It was him! So, I text him and say “Hey! You just walked by me!”. I expected him to circle back and say hey. I didn’t REALLY want to talk to him, but I have manners! Clearly, I was expecting too much from him as his response to my text went as follows….”Yeah, I did! That was funny.”

Really? (sigh)



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