june 22, 1992


My Grade 8 Graduation: June 22, 1992 (I know the date because I wisely wrote it on the back of the picture).

The boy in the photo is Todd, first love of the girl beside him (that’s me of course… boldly choosing a white dress amidst the sea of floral that most of the girls wore that day). It’s one of the few photos of us that I have.

Todd was a guy whom ALL the girls loved, including yours truly. He had a smile that made me melt, and we got along rather well. Sitting beside him in Grade 5 helped cement 1988 as my favourite year ever. The first time he came to my home for lunch, a group of our classmates followed us home, asking question after question: What are you going to be eating? (Uh, grilled cheese and cookies) What are you going to do? (Well, eat lunch… and watch last night’s episode of The Arsenio Hall show) Are you going to kiss? It was ridiculous. The playground paparazzi were relentless!

I would have done anything for him, and pretty much did. Our first dance, which happened in my basement during THE MOST epic birthday party a Grade Six student ever held thankyouverymuch, was to Michael Bolton’s How Am I Supposed to Live Without You? That likely was the moment when my inner hopeless romantic was born. If he needed to borrow my Swatch watch for his soccer game? Off it came from my arm in a second and onto his. I ADORED him. But as much as he was by my side, he never really knew I was there… if you know what I mean.

Todd and I kept in touch until we were in college. We did eventually sleep together after a Big Sugar concert; it was a magical night in Barrie, ON where he wanted to dye my hair blue before the show but settled on making me dinner instead. We lost touch soon after. I think he eventually got married.

But on that sunny day in June of 1992… for a moment, it was just him and I.



Author: zemnickisgreen

Writer/ Collector/ Foodie/ Co-Producer of the documentary No Responders Left Behind (alongside Paradox Pictures) Likes: Housecleaning, Coffee Dislikes: Camping, Being without coffee Twitter: @AijaGreen Instagram: thelatvianfoodie

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