saturday night

Hello, friend…

So, it’s Saturday night and I am home, working… transcribing a sales conference. I know, try to hold in your jealousy. It’s okay, I’ll give you a minute.

All good? Cool. Yup, I’m home working on a Saturday night as some of us TV freelancers are known to do from time-to-time.  I’ve been a freelancer for well over 10 years now, so it’s a very much “hunt for work or have your landlord hunt you down for not paying your rent” kind of existence. And as I’ve jokingly said to my employers lately “You people should be glad I’m single, given all the work you’re tossing my way”… the fact of the matter is, it’s true. I didn’t take the most relationship-friendly career path.

The fellow who was in and out of my life for five years? We met working on a show. That’s the second bit of info about him, we met working on a show. Eventually I’ll hand over another piece of that relationship puzzle. 🙂

But as my amazing mom & fantastic aunt have told me on a number of occasions, “At least be thankful you’re not in a relationship with someone who abuses you.”


Uh…. Well…. yes. Yes, that would be a “perk” to trying to explain to my local sushi joint “nope, all of this sushi I’ve order is in fact for me.” Yes, the truth is it could be worse. Yes, that WAS actual advice they have given me.

And I don’t know what could happen tomorrow, I could go somewhere and meet a guy who I instantly click with… like I did not too long ago at a party! We agreed we should go for drinks!

And then he told me 24 hours later he had a girlfriend! WhooHOO!

The truth is, I have to laugh at all of this. And despite how this year hasn’t been my most successful year for romance, it’s been better than 2008.  For that was the year I had two dates. I had a date in the spring and another the night Obama got elected. So… progress is being made. 😉



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